Here is my story using 10 words of the day 🙂 . Would love to read your comments, discussions on the story, even better if you drop your word story for the day.


acquittal (n) a judgment or verdict that a person is not guilty of the crime with which they have been charged.

-“the trial resulted in an acquittal”

bereft (a) deprived of or lacking (something).

-“her room was stark and bereft of color”

(a) (of a person) sad and lonely, especially through someone’s death or departure.

-“his death in 1990 left her bereft”

choice (n) an act of choosing between two or more possibilities.

-“the choice between good and evil”

(n) the right or ability to choose.

-“I had to do it, I had no choice”

(n) a range of possibilities from which one or more may be chosen.

-“you can have a sofa made in a choice of forty fabrics”

(n) a thing or person which is chosen.

-“this disk drive is the perfect choice for your computer”

(a) (especially of food) of very good quality.

-“he picked some choice early plums”

(a) (of words or language) rude and abusive.

-“he had a few choice words at his command”

dismantle (v) take (a machine or structure) to pieces.

-“the engines were dismantled and the bits piled into a heap”

extol (v) praise enthusiastically.

-“he extolled the virtues of the Russian people”

fret (v) be constantly or visibly anxious.

-“she fretted about the cost of groceries”

(v) cause anxiety to.

-“his absence during her times awake began to fret her”

(v) gradually wear away (something) by rubbing or gnawing.

-“the bay’s black waves fret the seafront”

(v) form (a channel or passage) by rubbing or wearing away.

-“what shape the sea has fretted into the land”

(n) a state of anxiety.

-“an economy in a state of fret and irritation”

grudge (n) a persistent feeling of ill will or resentment resulting from a past insult or injury.

-“I’ve never been one to hold a grudge”

(v) be resentfully unwilling to give or allow (something).

-“he grudged the work and time that the meeting involved”

harbor (n) a place on the coast where ships may moor in shelter, especially one protected from rough water by piers, jetties, and other artificial structures.

-“the curved breakwater was built of large stones to construct a small harbor”

(v) keep (a thought or feeling, typically a negative one) in one’s mind, especially secretly.

-“she started to harbor doubts about the wisdom of their journey”

(v) give a home or shelter to.

-“woodlands that once harbored a colony of red deer”

induct (v) admit (someone) formally to a post or organization.

-“arrangements for inducting new members to an organization”

(v) formally introduce (a member of the clergy) into possession of a benefice.

-“he was then inducted as vicar of St Paul’s”

(v) enlist (someone) for military service.

(v) introduce someone to (a difficult or obscure subject).

-“my master inducted me into the skills of magic”

(v) install in a seat or room.

-“Hugh and his friends were inducted into the most honorable seats”

knit (v) make (a garment or other item) by interlocking loops of wool or other yarn with knitting needles or on a machine.

-“she was knitting a sweater”

(v) unite or cause to unite.

-“disparate regions had begun to knit together under the king”

(n) knitted garments.

-“silky knits in pretty shades”


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