Here is my story using 10 words of the day 🙂 . Would love to read your comments, discussions on the story, even better if you drop your word story for the day.


antiquity (n) the ancient past, especially the period of classical and other human civilizations before the Middle Ages.

-“the great civilizations of antiquity”

(n) an object, building, or work of art from the ancient past.

-“a collection of Islamic antiquities”

(n) great age.

-“a church of great antiquity”

blandishment (n) a flattering or pleasing statement or action used as a means of gently persuading someone to do something.

-“the blandishments of the travel brochure”

cartographer (n) A person who draws maps and charts is a cartographer.

-“Authors of novels and stories in which imaginary places are described also support their description with maps, and thus make an attempt to be cartographers.”

demagogue (n) a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.

-“the Senator was a gifted demagogue, with particular skill in manipulating the press”

(n) (in ancient Greece and Rome) a leader or orator who espoused the cause of the common people.

-“the Athenian demagogues had definite and valuable functions within the state”

enact (v) make (a bill or other proposal) law.

-“legislation was enacted to attract international companies”

(v) put into practice (an idea or suggestion).

-“the pressure group’s aim was to see the proposals enacted”

(v) act out (a role or play) on stage.

-“Mystery Plays were staged and enacted by members of the guilds”

(v) take place.

-“walkers stopped to watch, aware that some tragedy was being enacted”

flirt (v) behave as though sexually attracted to someone, but playfully rather than with serious intentions.

-“she began to tease him, flirting with other men in front of him”

(v) experiment with or show a superficial interest in (an idea, activity, or movement) without committing oneself to it seriously.

-“a painter who had flirted briefly with Cubism”

(v) deliberately expose oneself to (danger or difficulty).

-“the need of some individuals to flirt with death”

(v) (of a bird) wave or open and shut (its wings or tail) with a quick flicking motion.

-“a moorhen stepped out of the reeds, flirting its white tail”

(v) move quickly to and fro with a fluttering motion.

-“the lark was flirting around the site”

(n) a person who habitually flirts.

-“Jim was an outrageous flirt”

gorge (n) a narrow valley between hills or mountains, typically with steep rocky walls and a stream running through it.

(n) the throat. the crop of a hawk.

(n) a narrow rear entrance to a bastion, outwork, or other fortification.

(n) a mass of ice obstructing a narrow passage, especially a river.

(v) eat a large amount greedily; fill oneself with food.

-“they gorged themselves on Cornish cream teas”

headfirst (adv) without taking time to think about your actions

-“She rushed into the relationship headfirst.”

(adv) with the head foremost

-“dove headfirst into the waves”

improvise (v) create and perform (music, drama, or verse) spontaneously or without preparation.

-“he invited actors to improvise dialogue”

(v) produce or make (something) from whatever is available.

-“I improvised a costume for myself out of an old blue dress”

jabber (v) talk in a rapid, excited, and often incomprehensible way.

-“he jabbered on about football”

(n) rapid, excited, and often incomprehensible speech.


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