Here is my story using 10 words of the day 🙂 . Would love to read your comments, discussions on the story, even better if you drop your word story for the day.


apoplexy (n) unconsciousness or incapacity resulting from a cerebral hemorrhage or stroke.

-“Browne died of apoplexy”

(n) extreme anger.

-“the decision has aroused apoplexy among environmentalists”

blue (a) of a color intermediate between green and violet, as of the sky or sea on a sunny day.

-“the clear blue sky”

(a) (of a person or mood) melancholy, sad, or depressed.

-“he’s feeling blue”

(n) blue color or pigment.

-“she was dressed in blue”

(v) make or become blue.

-“the light dims, bluing the retina”

(v) wash (white clothes) with bluing.

-“they blued the shirts and starched the uniforms”

categorical (a) unambiguously explicit and direct.

-“a categorical assurance”

demur (v) raise objections or show reluctance.

-“normally she would have accepted the challenge, but she demurred”

(n) the action of objecting to or hesitating over something.

-“they accepted this ruling without demur”

emollient (a) having the quality of softening or soothing the skin.

-“a rich emollient shampoo”

(a) attempting to avoid confrontation or anger; calming or conciliatory.

-“the president’s emollient approach to differences”

(n) a preparation that softens the skin.

-“always moisturize exposed skin with an effective emollient”

fitful (a) active or occurring spasmodically or intermittently; not regular or steady.

-“a few hours’ fitful sleep”

glamor (a) an attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing.

-“the glamour of Monte Carlo”

(a) enchantment; magic.

-“that maiden, made by glamour out of flowers”

hindsight (n) understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed.

-“with hindsight, I should never have gone”

importunate (a) persistent, especially to the point of annoyance.

-“importunate creditors”

jaunt (n) a short excursion or journey made for pleasure.

-“her regular jaunts to Europe”

(v) go on a short journey for pleasure.

-“they went jaunting through Ireland”


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