Here is my story using 10 words of the day 🙂 . Would love to read your comments, discussions on the story, even better if you drop your word story for the day.


absolve (v) declare (someone) free from guilt, obligation, or punishment.

-“the pardon absolved them of any crimes”

(v) (in church use) give absolution for (a sin).

-“she asked the bishop to absolve her sins”

bogus (a) not genuine or true (used in a disapproving manner-when deception has been attempted).

-“a bogus insurance claim”

choleric (a) bad-tempered or irritable.

-“he was a choleric, self-important little man”

(a) (in medieval medicine) having choler as the predominant bodily humour.

-“a choleric disposition”

detrimental (a) tending to cause harm.

-“recent policies have been detrimental to the interests of many old people”

enduring (a) lasting over a period of time; durable.

-“he formed a number of enduring relationships with women”

(v) suffer (something painful or difficult) patiently.

-“it seemed impossible that anyone could endure such pain”

(v) remain in existence; last.

-“these cities have endured through time”

finish (v) bring (a task or activity) to an end; complete.

-“they were straining to finish the job”

(v) complete the manufacture or decoration of (an article) by giving it an attractive surface appearance.

-“the interior was finished with American oak”

(n) an end or final part or stage of something.

-“a bowl of raspberries was the perfect finish to the meal”

(n) the manner in which the manufacture of an article is completed in detail.

-“the car’s popularity is helped by its high-quality finish and strong diesel engine”

germinal (a) relating to or of the nature of a germ cell or embryo. ,in the earliest stage of development.

-“a germinal idea”

(a) providing material for future development.

-“de Beauvoir’s germinal book The Second Sex”

hibernate (a) (of an animal or plant) spend the winter in a dormant state.

-“some species hibernate in tree roosts”

(a) (of a person) remain inactive or indoors for an extended period.

-“the pilots who have been hibernating during the winter months get their gliders out again”

invective (n) insulting, abusive, or highly critical language.

-“he let out a stream of invective”

jostle (v) push, elbow, or bump against (someone) roughly, typically in a crowd.

-“he was jostled by passengers rushing for the gates”

(n) the action of jostling.

-“the jostle of shoppers”


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